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    A high-current, high performance power strip, with 8 NEMA outlets hand-wired by WyWires using our proprietary formula.  Housed in a beautiful exotic wood box of walnut or maple, finished with 16 coats of organic oils, all hand-crafted by Daedelus Audio, our partner in this project.


    Greater than virtually all active power conditioners and other power strips:

    • Greater dynamic range
    • Expanded soundstage
    • More detail, better image focus for audio
    • Improved frequency extension
    • Blacker blacks, whiter whites and "3D" imaging for video
    • Overall more visceral experience for audio and video
    • Standard length of high-current power cord 6 feet
    • Wooden box 13" long x 5" wide x 9" high (including base and spikes)
    • Available in American Walnut or Eastern Rock Maple with a Fiddleback Maple CNC-machined top plate
    • 8 High Conductivity 20-Amp outlets; each outlet isolated
    • 12 AWG Asymmetrical Litz, cotton-wrapped internal wiring using WyWires’ proprietary Litz copper wire formula
    • Separate anti-vibration base unit constructed of pressure-laminated American Walnut and Maple with four spiked feet
    • Includes a 6-foot Juice HC (High Current) integrated power cord (Silver, Platinum, Diamond)
    • Diamond Power Broker includes Furutech GTX outlets.