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    For Diamond, we employed elements of the Platinum High Current power cord, and added additional conductors to dramatically improve dynamics, resolution, stereo imaging and focus.

    Total conductor gauge is 7AWG per pole. Additionally, we have added carbon fiber/stainless steel fittings which aid in dramatically reducing the noise floor for a completely black background between notes. These come standard with high quality Furutech plugs. 

    The best WyWires offers, Diamond Series Juice II Power Cords offer:

    • fully expanded soundstage
    • live performance-quality experience
    • dimensional listening

    Juice II HC (High Current) Power Cords: 

    • Available separately or integrated into Power Broker AC Distributor
    • Capacitance: 8.9 pF (per foot at a frequency of 60Hz)
    • 7 AWG (American Wire Gauge)
    • Double cotton wrapped Asymmetrical Litz wire, 12 AWG ground

    For devices such as large power amplifiers or power distribution devices that require a larger than normal power delivery capability. Standard for North America (Edison) receptacles. Special order for Asian, Australian, European and UK versions.


    "My system sounded very transparent and dynamic. It was by far the biggest soundstage I have heard from my reference system, and that is compared to some $15,000 power cords. The soundstage had a very ultra-wide expansiveness to it along with very good depth."

    The Audiobeatnik, July 2018