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    Our motto is "More Music from the Groove to You" - more vocal range, more instrumentation, more revealing...the main benefits of using our cables.  

    All of our cables are based on our own proprietary Litz wire formula, using 100% copper wire and as much air as we can possibly fit in our compact designs. All WyWires cables are made by hand in our design studio in Los Angeles, using primarily USA/EU materials. Order from this shop with options listed here, or contact us directly for custom sizes and options.


    Why WyWires?

    Want to really feel the music? So do I, that’s why I created WyWires!

    We launched WyWires in 2010, after a lifetime on the sidelines. A passion for music and the gear to listen turned into our full-time business.

    WyWires designs and builds products for the music lover, first and foremost. Our clients value musicality, accuracy, realism and the ability to emotionally connect with the performance being reproduced in the home.


    The Difference

    Since the early 1980’s I’ve owned lots of audio equipment in various descriptions and price ranges. I’ve rebuilt my system from scratch on numerous occasions, each time taking a different approach. What have I learned?

    Cables are as important a component as any other!

    I truly believe that a change in cables can make all the difference in upgrading your system, and thoroughly enjoying your music experience.

    We think great music is important to the happiness and well-being of humans, and we are committed to doing this one thing very well. We are constantly trying new ideas, testing the concepts in real world conditions and challenging the long accepted conventional wisdom. Every single cable we produce is custom-designed for your needs.

    Please contact us to talk about how to create a synergy between your system and your listening experience.


    Alex Sventitsky