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    WyWires Audio Cables are available in several levels of performance and value. Specific wire formulae and designs include Red Series Personal Audio, Blue, Silver, Platinum, and Diamond for Traditional HiFi.

    All WyWires audio cables incorporate our proprietary 100% copper Litz wire, designed by us and manufactured to our specifications in the United States.  Air is the main dialectic in our technology, accomplished with wrapped organic cotton on most of the Litz wire we use.  All other components of our cables are sourced mainly from the Unites States, and the EU and Japan for connectors. 

    Manufacturing is done by hand in our studio in Los Angeles.  All WyWires audio cables are bespoke, based on our clients’ needs and goals for their systems.

    Our mission is to guarantee great value at any price.



    RED Series is our line for personal listening, including headphones cables, in-ear monitor cables extension cables and adaptors. RED cables are compatible with an infinite variety of headphone, IEM and amplifier options. We configured new Litz wire formulae specifically for headphones and IEMs. These personal audio cables are designed to be flexible and non-microphonic.

    In two original designs:  original RED is identified by a red body, with white pigtails that connect to the headphone or IEM. Upgrading to Platinum (for headphones only at this time) provides greater resolution and better response than RED.  Platinum headphone cables have a white-with-gray striped body and black pigtails.



    Silver series is the classic line that started our revolution in air dielectric, Litz wire design, in 2010. The Silver line embodies our design philosophy of ”less is more,” yielding unprecedented electrical and sonic performance.  WyWires Silver Series audio cables have gone through four (4) iterations since launch, improving all aspects of performance. Identified by gray/silver outer sheathing.


    Platinum was introduced in 2014. Platinum takes most of the elements of Silver, adding additional conductor material of varying gauges of Litz wire, to accomplish the goals of higher bandwidth and greater frequency extension - especially at the low end of the spectrum with increased dynamic range and “slam”.  Platinum adds greater dimensional information along with more separation of instruments and performers within the soundstage. Platinum Series continues to evolve, with two (2) iterations since launch.  Identified by brilliant white outer sheathing/thin gray banding.


    Blue Series offers an economical product line with WyWires’ commitment to great value.  Blue Series cables offer much of the performance attributes as Silver, albeit in a simplified and less luxurious offering.  Identified by royal blue label and black sheathing.


    Diamond is our luxury performance line of cables, designed independently of the Silver Series foundation line. Launched in 2015, Diamonds have a unique internal configuration, taking all that we have learned to create a new concept in Litz wire air dielectric design. Diamond cables contain a complex combination of different conductor and dielectric materials, optimized to provide a neutral and well-balanced tone, along with detail retrieval that goes beyond our other lines. We have achieved a superior level of transparency and dynamics for the ultimate music experience. Identified by a subtle sheen underlayer on black sheathing, with proprietary carbon fiber tubing on either end

    Certificate of Authenticity

    All WyWires products are shipped with individual Certificates of Authenticity, hand-written and signed by Founder and President Alex Sventitsky. Accept no substitutes!