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    Professional Media Coverage, June 22, 2020, WyWires Platinum RCA Interconnects, by Sam Rosen

    HiFiPig, July 24, 2019, Blue Series Interconnect and Speaker Cables, by Alan McIntosh

    HiFi+, May 14, 2019, Platinum Series Headphone Cable, by Michael Mercer

    The Audiobeatnik, July 26, 2018, Diamond Power Cord, by Jack Roberts

    Audioprimate, February 21, 2017, RED Series HP Cable, by glassmonkey, Issue 98, 2018 Diamond Interconnects and Phono Cable, by Bob Levi

    Record Collector News, October 2017, Phono Cable, by Jim Kaplan, March/April 2017, Diamond Loudspeaker Cables, by Dave Clark

    The Absolute Sound, August 2016, Diamond Loudspeaker and Interconnects, by Neil Gader, October 2016, Platinum Juice II Power Cords, by Jack Roberts, June 2016, Platinum Series Cables, by Dean Seislove, December 2015, Brutus Award, by Dave Clark, October 2015, Audio Oasis Award, by David Robinson July 2015 Platinum Digital Cables, by Malcom Gomes, May 2, 2014, Red Series Headphone Cable, posted by setamp (community member), May/June 2014 Issue 73, WyWires Red Series Headphone Cable, by Bob Levi, May 2014, Juice HC Power Cord review, by Jack Roberts, January 2014, Power Broker review, by Jack Roberts

    The Absolute Sound, January 2014, Product of the Year Awards, WyWires Blue Speaker Cables, by Neil Gader
    Review may be found in Annual Buyer’s Guide to Cables, etc., Nov/Dec Issue 70, Brutus Awards, by Dave Clark, Sept/Oct 2013 Issue 69, Platinum Interconnects and Silver Phono Cables, by Bob Levi, Sept/Oct 2013 Issue 69, Power Broker in Top Ten High-End Audio Accessories, by Bob Levi, July/August Issue 68, Power Broker AC Distributor, by Michael Wechsberg

    Part-Time Audiophile, July 9, 2013 Power Broker AC Distributor, by Scot Hull

    The Stereo Times, February 2013 WyWires Gold Interconnects, by Russell Lichter

    HiFi Unlimited, Malaysia February 14, 2013 WyWires Gold AES/EBU Digital Cable, by Big E

    Part-Time Audiophile, December 31, 2012  Best of 2012

    HiFi Unlimited, Malaysia December 14, 2012 WyWires Silver Digital Cable Review, by Big E

    Positive Feedback Online, Issue 63, September/October 2012  Gold Interconnect Review, Bob Levi

    Positive Feedback Online, Issue 62 July/August 2012  Interconnect Cable Ranking Update, Bob Levi

    Positive Feedback Online, Issue 60 March/April 2012 WyWires Silver Series, by Dean Seislove

    HiFi Zine, March 2012  Complete WyWires cable system, by Patrick Dillon

    Dagogo, February 2012  Silver Series Interconnects and Speaker Cables, by Adam LaBarge

    Positive Feedback Online, Issue 55 May/June 2011 LITESPD Digital Interfaces, by Robert Levi

    The Stereo Times, June 2011 AES/EBU LITESPD Digital Interface and Balanced Interconnect, by Russell Lichter, May 21 Interconnects, by Marvin Bolden

    Computer Audiophile, May 18, 2011  LITESPD-USB-Cable

    Positive Feedback Online, Issue 51 September/October 2010 Balanced Interconnects, by Robert H. Levi

    Positive Feedback Online, Issue 51 September/October 2010 Phono Cables, by Michael Wechsberg

    Positive Feedback Online, Issue 50 July/August 2010 WyWires Interconnects, by Robert H. Levi