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    Our mission has always been to help customers enjoy more music with WyWires cables. If you’re new to WyWires, maybe it's time to consider a cable upgrade. Loyal customer? We would like to offer you an incentive to get more of the sound you love.

    WyWires Cable Trade-In Trade-Up Program 

    We want everyone to experience the difference a WyWires cable can make in your system; read on for guidelines and call (818.383.0500) or contact us to make a deal!

    Example: You have a pair of Kimber Cable Silver Streak Interconnects valued at $650 new; you want to upgrade to WyWires Silver Interconnects priced at $799. We'll take the Kimber and apply a 50% credit of $325, so your new WyWires cable will only cost you $474. That's a pretty good deal! 

    Details, Details
    • Any like cable toward the purchase of any WyWires Cable.
    • The amount of trade-in value will range from 25% to 40% of full retail
    • WyWires determines the trade in allowance based on the age, condition, market value and the WyWires cable(s) you are buying.
    • The cable you are trading in must have a lesser retail value than the WyWires cable you are buying.
    • Trades are one-for-one - one of your cables for one WyWires cable. You may not trade two or three cables for one WyWires cable.
    • Your trade-in must be a known US or EU brand such as AudioQuest, Kimber, Cardas, etc. (no DIY or obscure brands with questionable origins)
    • All trades must be in working condition
    • This offer is available through WyWires directly (your dealer may participate if they wish)
    • Our 30-day satisfaction guarantee applies, and our warranty applies. If you are not satisfied, you get your cable and your money back. 
      The Trade in Trade up program is only available in the USA.

      To trade in a cable:

      1. Select what you might want from the WyWires product list in the SHOP tab on the main menu.
      2. Get the details on your trade-in cable (brand, model, age, what you paid, suggested retail price and condition.)
      3. Send an email with this information to and we'll take it from there.
      4. Once the deal is agreed on, we'll process your order and charge you the net difference between our price and the trade in, and ship to you for free. We expect to receive your trade in cable within 10 days.
      Payment options are PayPal and we also accept all major credit cards.