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    "In 2012 we began an association with WyWires on a number of projects. They now build the Daedalus/WyWires speaker cables to our specifications, incorporating with their copper Litz wires another special wire that we supply; this reflects the internal wiring systems in our speakers.

    These cables are a perfect match with our speakers, detailed, full body, revealing and lifelike soundstage. The feedback from customers is that this is a system upgrade on the level of a new component!"

    --Lou Hinkley, Designer and Owner Daedalus Loudspeakers

    "If you own Daedalus Speakers, you must buy these cables. It's the biggest cable upgrade I've ever done in my system." -- Mark D.

    "We use Wy-Wires Power Cords and Interconnects in all our systems and feel they are among the very best available at any price." -- Lou Hinkley, Daedalus