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    For all digital devices; DACs, CD players, music servers and computers. Recommended for devices such as large power amplifiers or power distribution devices that require a larger than normal power delivery capability.

    Effective in isolating and dissipating high frequency electromagnetic interference common in digital devices.

    Changes in shielding and ground architecture, along with the addition of carbon-infused foam, result in improved resolution, a tidier, more organized soundstage, stereo imaging stability and better bass tones. 

    • Standard length 6 feet
    • Capacitance: 8.9 pF (per foot at a frequency of 60Hz)
    • 7 AWG (American Wire Gauge) Double cotton wrapped Asymmetrical Litz wire with 12 AWG ground

    Standard for North America (Edison) receptacles. Special order for Asian, Australian, European and UK versions.